Bottleless Water coolers

Bottleless Water Coolers are the eco friendlier choice and fast becoming the new standard water cooler in the home or office.

The water is taken from your mains-water supply,  filtered using a high quality 0.5 micron filter and then either chilled or heated within the water cooler before you drink it

Whether your looking for water coolers for schools or offices, a bottleless water cooler means an endless supply of filtered water for your home or organization .You get instant fresh chilled or boiled filtered water as and when you need it.

We sell all our water coolers through which is managed by Drinking Waters SA– the leading provider of drinking water products in the South Africa.

We also specialize in Drinking Water Fountains, under sink chillers and water filters.


Justin Palte

Justin Palte is one of the founders of Drinking Waters in South Africa. He lives in Cape Town and divides his time between running the business and looking after our interests online. You can learn more by viewing the Rt7 website or from his Google+ Profile.

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