Drinking Waters | The Leading Supplier of Water Systems in Africa

Drinking Waters is the leading brand of water products for South Africa and the wider continent. Established in January 2012 to “deliver the highest quality range of drinking water products to workplaces and homes at the most cost effective prices” we aim to grow organically to become the leading supplier to Africa. We are privately owned.

We launched our operations in September 2012 from a 6000 sq ft head office and distribution centre is based in Cape Town from where we service all our customers. We also have a separate administration centre in London to cope with overflow demand.

We run a number of different niche websites –

  • www.thewatercoolercompany.co.za
  • www.drinkingwaterfountains.co.za
  • www.thewaterfiltercompany.co.za
  • www.homewatercoolers.co.za

All of which are positioned under the main brand of Drinking Waters.

We launch with an exclusive distribution deal with a global supplier of drinking water products that have not been available in the African market to date.

PureMadi Water Filter

The PureMadi Filter | South Africa

While there are numerous devices designed to help those in the developing world have access to cleaner water. However not many can boast the ability to also boost local economies. The University of Virginia’s PureMadi filter is made mostly out of local clay, sawdust and water and can be easily made by workers in the […]

Bottleless Water coolers

Bottleless Water Coolers are the eco friendlier choice and fast becoming the new standard water cooler in the home or office. The water is taken from your mains-water supply,  filtered using a high quality 0.5 micron filter and then either chilled or heated within the water cooler before you drink it Whether your looking for […]

Drinking Waters Group launches

We are pleased to announce that the Drinking Waters brand launches today in South Africa. After over a years planning we are open for business from today across all our sales channels. We have received a lot of support from our suppliers – both within South Africa and across Europe and the USA – and […]

Drinking Waters UK to launch in September 2012

We are part of a group of companies covering north America, Europe and Souther Africa. Over time we have realised the importance of centralising our brands and to this end we have recently centralised all our water companies in the UK under drinking waters brand. We look forward to being able to publicly launch this […]

Drinking Waters South Africa launching in Sept 2012

Drinking Waters will be launching a full service across four water targeted websites in Sept 2012. We welcome any enquiries who are interested in working with us during the development of our brand and product range at this early stage. We are look for a local partner to work alongside us in developing our brand […]